Thursday, 9 February 2012

He aint heavy he's my brother.....

This was just the short end of the abuse, you see children can be cruel to each other, at the best of times, but with a rule book to follow they will, so we, and I mean all of us used to try and get the upper hand, take some control over our lives, we would ask for a cup of tea and when it was brought back, complain, say did you put sugar in this I can't taste it, this was observed by my father and noted and if during the course of the night...., sorry did I not mention, this went on all night long, clicking fingers to get tea, until tomorrow, but then you had a different job to do tomorrow and suffer whatever indignation was to occur if you got that wrong, this is abuse, oh and before you ask, the wife, the mother of two of these children and the step mother of the other two, allowed this to happen, she never challenged, never said I'll do it, you carryon being a child and I'll stop this arsehole from abusing you, no she ordered her tea too.

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